Houston Wedding Videographer

I always had a desire for capturing great and unforgettable moments in life. Like each of my three kids’ birth day, to every single day of their lives. Well, not everything, but the parts that are really funny and memorable. Little things they do, such as learning to play different instruments, or making up their own games and funny inventions. I enjoy documenting our daily activities, the  places we visit or people we share our lives with, especially, our family.

In weddings, I can’t resist capturing laughs, joy, speeches, jokes, tears, emotions… sometimes people even yell at each other while getting ready. But after the brief storm, it’s all about hugs and sincere love and emotion. I’ve seen so many things and moments during all my weddings that sometimes I’ve wished I could capture each of them in a picture. Now, I could do this on film, and document your family heirloom.

Wedding videography today, is an elegant and sophisticated art. Time is fleeting as are memories, but we can take memories with us with the help of the greatest medium, film. Wedding cinematography is not only about tools or gear. It’s about stories, about family, love and friendship. Someday, our loved ones won’t be with us anymore. But hopefully, we can document more of you and them during a very important day, as is your wedding.

I’m ERIC VELADO, a wedding filmmaker with the incredibly unique opportunity to make something special that will live on for generations. I work with couples around Houston, El Salvador and Los Angeles, not limited to travel.