Houston Wedding Videographer


A wedding photographer and filmmaker who enjoy capturing and documenting weddings and receptions.

I rather have pure moments of emotion, laughter, and genuine love.

With a bit of direction but, mostly in a spontaneous way. I’m not going to stop the action, let’s feel the good vibes to tell a new love story. 


I’ve been part of this industry since 2002 when I started as a photographer. I lived in Los Angeles for some years and I traveled for all of SoCal photographing different types of weddings. Then moved back to my country El Salvador with my family, where I photographed so many gorgeous local and destination weddings in Antigua Guatemala, Nicaragua, Hawaii, Northern California, and also Long Island NY, and other States in between like New Mexico.

We currently live in Houston, TX where I’ve been continuing working in photography but also, I did an evolution to wedding cinematography. During this process, I’ve been filming weddings not only for myself but also for other studios and companies. That helps me to grow and improve as a professional and be always in the game of this industry.

One of the first wedding videos I did on my own is the wedding of one of my brothers when he got his second chance in Marriage. I documented the whole event where there appear our relatives and their friends, but some of them are not in this world anymore, and some others moved to different countries. Our Dad departed recently, the awesome fact is I can see him through that video sharing the joy and happiness he had with my Mom on the dance floor to the rhythm of the Batucada, you can see others cheering, laughing, and joking during the celebration as well. And that is exactly the importance of documenting a wedding day. Anybody has the opportunity to see those loved ones that are no longer in their or our lives in the coming years.      

I would love to chat with you and offer you this great experience of life either in a Highlights video or a Documentary wedding film.



Available for travel
Houston, TX
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“Make your life like a bottle of wine – tasty, sharp, and clear. And like good wine may it improve every passing year. Congratulations!”