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Lead Videographer and also Photographer

And here is a story of Why I am doing Wedding Video:

A few years back I was photographing a Rehearsal Dinner in a Country Club, a day before the Wedding Day. It was a small gathering with family and friends and suddenly some relatives of the Groom started sharing their speeches. They didn’t have a videographer, it was only me as a photographer, but my camera had video capabilities and I had the best intentions to hit the red button. So, I decided to record those speeches by the Mother of the Groom and his sister, which included nice memories from his childhood and you could tell much love was in that family through those words. I wasn’t prepared to capture those emotional moments with the necessary gear of a videographer, but I knew they were moments and emotions that deserved to be captured and documented on video because it is a treasure for every family. After that day, I wanted not only to be a photographer, but also a videographer that can help tell a story like this one.

The Wedding Films that we offer are made up of real moments. We prefer capturing candid emotions to show the beauty, the joy, and the romanticism with your loved ones and the intimacy of that big day.





The best partner to watch movies is my wife.

“My wife is from L.A. I’m from Barcelona”. False! But, sounds like a title for a movie.

I started to film and document my kids’ life since day ONE. Now, we have our own YouTube Channel.  

Los Angeles is my second hometown, I am originally from volcanic, coffee, and surf land. Nope is not Hawaii, but I love The Garden Island.

I enjoy working with people from all around the world. 

I still shoot on film 35mm. Yes, I’m still using my first camera.  

I love nature and love to climb mountains, sometimes Solo.

Never been in Europe yet, and that’s my big dream since I was a teenager.

I would like to travel more after the pandemic.

But for now, I am based in Houston and can travel all around Texas.

I offer Wedding Cinematography or Photography for your wedding day, on rare occasions I do both at the same time.  

I am the one who will show up at your wedding, with the skills of an eye and heart for seeing and feeling moments that make your day unique.


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“Make your life like a bottle of wine – tasty, sharp, and clear. And like good wine may it improve every passing year. Congratulations!”