Houston Wedding Videographer



For me, there are moments and emotions that deserve to be in a video, instead of a photograph”.

Wedding films are a balance between real and emotional moments instead of directing fake scenes that will break those real feelings forever. I prefer to find the beauty and romanticism of your relationship with your loved ones, even in the quiet and intimacy of that big day.


I’ve been developing my skills in Wedding Cinematography as the complement to my photographic work. I always felt there was something missing in photography, so videography is that little key that opens up other emotions and visual stories and it brought me the opportunity to look and develop new skills in the wedding industry.  

Thanks for stopping by, it will be a joy to be around on your wedding day and serve you.


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Make your life like a bottle of wine – tasty, sharp, and clear. And like good wine may it improve every passing year. Congratulations!




Current residence: Houston, TX

Available for travel.

Husband and father of three unique kids. Through the years, Eric has been collecting some videos of his kids since day one. For him, it’s so important and emotional to have all those highlights of their lives, especially year after year that they’re growing. He has no doubt those videos will be really valuable for them through the years, and also for his wife and him. Wedding videos are so important. And that’s his goal, to provide you the best visual legacy of your wedding day. When Eric isn’t working in the wedding industry, he and his wife are watching films or just enjoying outdoors. Eric loves to hike mountains and volcanoes with a camera in hand.